Make Your Own Creative Board

  1. Determine what size board you want.
    1. 4’ by 4’ for the full year Grow Strategy
  2. Buy foam insulation board.
    1. $15 for an 8’ by 4’ at Home Depot
    2. Cut it in half and you got two boards for two ministries.
  3. Buy the fabric.
    1. $9/yard at Joann Fabrics. Also try Hobby Lobby.
  4. Buy iron on fabric Velcro.
    1. $15 for 15’
  5. Cut your fabric to exactly the size of your board.
    1. If your fabric doesn’t stretch, you will need to add a half inch on every side.
  6. Iron on your Velcro.
    1. The only tricky part is you want to put the joining pieces on opposite sides.
    2. Front top and Back bottom.
  7. Attach the fabric to your board.

That’s it, you’re all done!