Easter is a pretty important time for churches. Besides the obvious reasons (like Jesus coming back from the dead) it’s one of the most-attended Sundays we’ll have all year long. So be prepared to see some new faces this week!
Here’s a few things coming up in our ministry . . .

ADD THE DATES: Parent Events
This April, we’re hosting two events for teenagers and the parents (or parent figures) who love them. If you’re not already attending the event with your kid, we’d love your  help. Let us know if you can serve!

ADD THE DATE: Volunteer Meeting
Thank you all for coming to last month’s volunteer meeting! We have our final meeting of the year coming up in April, so make sure it’s on your calendar! We hope to see you there as we learn about ADD THE TOPIC together.

ADD THE DATES: Summer Camp
This summer, we’re taking teenagers to summer camp! Make sure the dates are on your calendar and you’ve let us know if you’d like to attend.

WEEK 2 BIG IDEA: Only Jesus can give you life.

Sometimes, life can be pretty brutal. Just when we think it will leave us happy and satisfied, it ends up leaving us feeling emptier than ever. Just imagine the emptiness Jesus’ followers must have felt when, after all His promises of what was to come, Jesus was crucified. In this 2-week series, you’ll help students see that, while life here on earth can often leave us empty, Jesus came to give us a new kind of life — more life, in fact, than we could ever imagine.


Since we’re expecting more new faces than usual this week, here’s something to consideer. If you meet a new teenager, parent, or family this week, remembering their name is really important. It may sound silly, but it’s such a big deal! To remember a name more easily, here’s a quick tip: as soon as they introduce themselves, say their name back to them, out loud, repeatedly. The more you say it out loud, the more difficult it will be to forget it. But, like . . . don’t be creepy about it, okay?
Choose a volunteer to celebrate this week. Add their picture and a few sentences about what makes them awesome!
How do you remember teenagers’ names? Hit Reply and let us know! Teach us your ways!