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Bible Trivia Questions and Answers For Teens

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bible trivia questions for teens

100 Bible Trivia Questions and Answers For Teens

Bible Trivia for Teens

True or False? You’ve been assigned to come up with some Bible trivia questions for your teens, but can’t find any fun and relevant questions.

If you’re still reading this then we’re gonna go ahead and say that it’s true! Your search for a fun and easy Bible trivia game can stop right here. The key to Bible trivia for teens is to make it easy enough for those without the most Bible knowledge but also fun enough for those who consider themselves scholars. The best part? We’ve compiled 100 questions and answers so that you don’t have to.

Why should Bible Trivia Questions for Teens be Easy?

Trivia shouldn’t feel like a test or pop quiz. Your teens get enough of that at school. If you want your teens to enjoy Bible trivia, don’t make it so serious. Easy questions make it less awkward for the kid that wants to jump in but isn’t quite sure if they’ll make a fool of themselves. No one’s trying to pass the bar here.

How to Make your Bible Trivia Game Fun Enough?

Is my Bible Trivia game fun enough? Well, yes. Because we already made one for you. But if you want to create your own, here are a few tips to make sure your teens won’t want to sit out on this one:

  • Include funny but safe references that are popular enough to pique your teens’ humor but also aren’t offensive.
  • Host with enthusiasm! Don’t make the questions do all the work. It’s okay to make a little bit of a fool of yourself if it’ll break the ice and make the game more inviting for everyone.
  • A little background music never hurt. You’d be surprised how background music can fill in those awkward silences or keep the momentum going while players are thinking. Extra points if you can find a volunteer to play fun sound effects in real time, such as buzzer noises when an answer is wrong, or a “ding ding ding!” sound effect when someone gets a question correct.
  • PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES! If your concern is relevance, free stuff will never go out of style. Hype up that Bible Trivia game for your teens with some sweet, sweet incentive to play.

Check your Knowledge with our Bible Quiz for Teens

Alright, alright, Enough of the what and why — let’s do this! Here are ONE HUNDRED Bible trivia questions and answers that your teens are sure to love.

1. This popular video game console from the 90s is also the first book of the Bible. 

Answer – Genesis

2. This New Testament ghostwriter hardly gets credit but famously wrote the book of Jesus. 

Answer – There is no book of Jesus

3. Before God took a personal day to rest, how many days did he show up for work to create the world? 

Answer – 6

4. The first man and woman may or may not have had belly buttons. What were their names? 

Answer – Adam & Eve

5. Where did they first live? Hint: It was not the Olive Garden 

Answer – Garden of Eden

6. Noah had three sons: Shem, Japheth and __________. Hint: Many people eat this around Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Answer – Ham

7. The Tower of Babel is not a Disney attraction. Old Testament people built this because they wanted to reach __________. 

Answer – Heaven

8. Noah got a weather alert for a storm that was set to last how long? 

Answer – 40 Days & 40 Nights

9. God sent a ‘sorry’ text to Noah after the flood. What was the sign that he would never flood the Earth again? 

Answer – A Rainbow

10. God spread humanity out across the Earth by mixing up their

A) Thoughts B) Language C) Political Views D) Starbucks Orders 

Answer – B) Language

11. Abraham had a wife named Sarah. What was her name before God remixed it? 

Answer – Sarai

12. What did God promise Abraham that made his wife laugh? 

A) A Raise B) New Land C) Million Followers D) A Child 

Answer – D) A Child

13. A love triangle? Who did Abraham conceive a child with when his wife suggested it? 

Answer – Her handmaiden, Hagar

14. Which disciple broke the bro code and sold Jesus out to the Roman guards? 

Answer – Judas Iscariot

15. Mary poured this onto Jesus’ feet at a dinner party:

A) Wine B) Water C) Perfume D) Her Heart

Answer – C) Perfume

16. New number, who ‘dis? Which disciple denied that they knew Jesus? 

Answer – Simon Peter

17. What was Jesus’ cousin named?

Answer – John

18. Jesus’ cousin was named: 

A) John the Blessed B) John the Baptist C) John the Beautiful D) Just John

Answer – B) John the Baptist

19. What did Jesus do for work? 

Answer – He Was a Carpenter

20. Jesus’ hometown is __________. 

A) Nazareth B) Greece C) Rome D) Egypt 

Answer – A) Nazareth

21. When Jesus was a young boy and his parents lost him, where did they find him?

 Answer – The Temple

22. After working on his bio, Jesus selected how many followers? 

Answer – 12

23. Jesus’ disciple Matthew worked as __________ before he decided to follow Jesus. 

Answer – A Tax Collector

24. What were Peter and Andrew doing before they decided to follow Jesus?

A) Reading at the Temple B) Healing the Sick C) Praying D) Fishing

Answer – D) Fishing

25. During the transfiguration of Jesus, who appeared? 

Answer – Moses & Elijah

26. Bartimaeus had what ailment when he encountered Jesus? 

Answer – He was Blind

27. When did Jesus wash the disciples feet? 

Answer – The Last Supper

28. How many lepers did Jesus heal when only one returned? 

Answer – 10

29. Jesus was given a crown made of what? 

Answer – Thorns

30. When Jesus was being arrested, one of his disciples cut off a soldier’s ear. Get you a friend like:

A) John B) Peter C) Matthew D) Luke 

Answer – B) Peter

31. True or False? Before Paul’s encounter with Jesus, his name was Pablo.

Answer – False

32. True or False? Paul’s encounter with Jesus happened on a road called Delancey. 

Answer – False

33. True or False? Peter was crucified upside down.

 Answer – True

34. True or False? Jesus was related to a prostitute who once saved Israel.

Answer – True

35. True or False? Joseph was Jesus’ Earthly father. 

Answer – True

36. True or False? Jesus’ disciples lowered a sick man through a roof in order to get him to Jesus.

 Answer – True

37. True or False? Jesus’ first miracle was raising a man from the dead. 

Answer – False

38. True or False? Jesus slept through a storm while one of the disciples was swallowed by a fish. 

Answer – False

39. True or False? Jesus used spit and dirt to heal a man’s sight. 

Answer – True

40. Drop a pin! Where are the 10 commandments found in the Bible?

 Answer – Exodus/Deuteronomy

41. Who did God split the Red Sea for? 

Answer – Moses and the Israelites

42. What was Leah’s sister’s name? 

Answer – Rachel

43. How many years total did Jacob work to marry Rachel? 

Answer – 14

44. How many brothers did Joseph have? 

Answer – 11

45. What colorful gift did Joseph receive from his father? 

Answer – A Coat

46. Jospeh’s brother made a quick buck by selling him to __________. 

Answer – Slave traders

47. Who did Jospeh run from when they tried to get to know him better? 

Answer – Potiphar’s Wife

48. Why did Moses run away into the desert? 

Answer – He Murdered an Egyptian

49. When Pharaoh didn’t quite get the message, God sent 10 of these to get the point across. 

Answer – Plagues

50. Quail and Manna was the daily provision for the Israelites as they traveled through what? 

Answer – The Desert

51. God gave these to Moses at Mt. Sinai.

 Answer – 10 Commandments

52. The Israelites made this out of gold while Moses was up on the mountain.

Answer – Golden Calf

53. The walls of this city came tumbling down when the Israelites marched around it. 

Answer – Jericho

54. This Bible character probably bought a lot of shampoo to keep his hair super strong. 

Answer – Samson

55. Who had a scandal after watching a woman bathe from his rooftop? 

Answer – King David

56. What was the name of the woman King David had an affair with? 

Answer – Bathsheba

57. Who wanted to kill King David after they learned they would no longer be king? 

Answer – King Saul

58. Where did David hide while on the run from King Saul? 

Answer – Caves

59. Who did David defeat while the Israelite soldiers were shaking in their boots?

Answer – Goliath the Giant

60. What was David’s weapon of choice for the task of killing Goliath? 

Answer – 5 Smooth Stones

61. What didn’t fit David, even though King Saul insisted? 

Answer – Saul’s Armor

62. King Saul’s son and David’s BFF was named __________. 

Answer – Jonathan

63. How many times did David spare King Saul’s life?

Answer – Twice Too Many

64. King Saul consulted a __________ when he stopped hearing from God. 

Answer – Witch

65. Saul fell on this when he died. 

Answer – His Sword

66. Who convinces Samson to turn from God? 

Answer – His Wives. With an ‘S’

67. How many wives did Solomon have? 

Answer – 700

68. This heroine saved her people from being killed when she found favor with the king. 

Answer – Esther

69. Jesus’ Earthly mother’s name was __________. 

Answer – Mary

70. True or False? Jesus had brothers and sisters. 

Answer – True

71. True or False? The last book of the Bible is Acts 

Answer – False

72. True or False? The longest book in the Bible is Genesis 

Answer – False

73. True or False? The Bible has 67 books. 

Answer – False

74. True or False? Paul wrote the most amount of books in the Bible. 

Answer – True

75. True or False? Cain, Abel, and Simon were Adam and Eve’s sons. 

Answer – False

76. True or False? Moses built an ark to survive the flood. 

Answer – False

77. True or False? Jacob’s hairy brother was named Esau. 

Answer – True

78. True or False? Esau sold his birthright for a slice of cake. 

Answer – False

79. True or False? Jacob stole Esau’s blessing with the help of his mother.

Answer – True

80. Jacob came out of the womb grabbing Esau’s what? 

Answer – Heel

81. When Pharaoh began having wild dreams, who did he call to interpret them?

Answer – Joseph

82. Moses’ mom is mother of year. She sent him up the river in what to help him survive as a baby? 

Answer – A Basket

83. When God spoke to Moses, it was in the form of__________.

 Answer – A Burning Bush

84. God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his __________.

 Answer – Son, Isaac

85. Who heard God calling them while trying to get some sleep? 

Answer – Samuel

86. How many of his sons did King Saul lose in the battle he died in?

 Answer – All of Them

87. Who was Bathsheba’s husband? 

Answer – Uriah

88. What did King David do to Uriah when he learned that Bathsheba was with child? 

Answer – Had him Killed 

89. David had a son that started a rebellion against him. What was his name?

Answer – Absalom

90. David had a son that became king. What was his name? 

Answer – Solomon

91. Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of what? 

Answer – Salt

92. Judah had how many kings? 

Answer – 20

93. Where was Daniel thrown into? 

Answer – Lion’s Den

94. Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego were thrown into a fiery furnace for what?

Answer – Refusing to Bow

95. Who ran from God because he just literally could not? Hint: he knows his way around the insides of a fish. 

Answer – Jonah

96. When Jesus was baptized __________ spoke from the sky. 

Answer – God

97. Who tempted Jesus while he was in the wilderness? 

Answer – Satan

98. What made Jesus weep? 

Answer – The Death of his Friend Lazarus

99. What words did Jesus say to raise Lazarus from his grave?

Answer – Lazarus, Come Out

100. When 5000 people left the house unprepared, Jesus fed them with what?

Answer – Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fish


And there you have it! Use some or use them all — either way, you’ve got everything you need for your next Bible trivia game while putting together a fun night for your teens and youth ministry curriculum.

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