Hey everyone! Happy August! Can you believe a new school year is almost here? You’re probably busy trying to enjoy the last few moments of summer, so we’ll keep this brief so you can get back to the beach.

Here’s a few things coming up in our ministry . . .

ADD THE DATE: Open House 
If you know a family that’s new to our ministry, invite them to our Open House so we can introduce them and their teenager to our youth ministry! Get the details on our website.

ADD THE DATE: Fall Kick-Off 
Our Fall Kick-Off is coming up quickly and we need you there! We’ll be hanging out, eating good food, and casting vision for the new school year. Don’t miss it! RSVP by the end of this week.

ADD THE DATE: Fall Retreat 
We’re kicking off this school year with a weekend retreat designed to help students connect with God and with their small group. Get the details on our website!

WEEK 1 BIG IDEA: Your friends influence you.

You’ve probably had an experience or two that has taught you the power of a good friendship and the danger of a destructive one. This is never more true than during the teenage years, when teenagers are the most susceptible they’ll ever be to the influence of their peers. Teenagers, though, sometimes have difficulty seeing the way their friendships influence them. So, in this 4-week series, we’ll be discussing how to choose our friends wisely, exploring the qualities of a healthy friendship, encouraging students to build friendships with wise people, and helping them see Jesus as their best and truest friend.


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August is a pretty special month. Why? Well, because NAME and NAME were born this month! Tell them happy birthday when you see them.

What is the #1 Absolute 100% Best and Most Fun summertime activity? Hit Reply and let us know what you think. It’s important.