6 Done-For-You Event Guides To Help You Grow Your Ministry

Our annual event strategy is based on the philosophy that less is more when your events are strategic. Each year, we recommend you do a total of six events: one event each quarter, plus a summer camp and a missions experience.

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Every fall, we recommend doing an event that aligns with the fall discipleship focus (Spend Time with Others) by helping students connect with each other and with their small group leaders. This might be a retreat, an event in host homes, or an all-nighter.


Every winter, we recommend doing a just-for-fun event that gets students together before the busyness of the holidays really kicks in.


Every spring, we recommend doing an event that aligns with the spring discipleship focus (Spend Time with God) by creating a weekend retreat, a weekend in host homes, or a weekend experience that challenges students to grow closer to God.


As the school year winds down and you gear up for a busy summer, you’re probably looking for an event your students will love . . . but that doesn’t require months of preparation. With this fun summer event, your students will have a chance to connect over some pineapple-themed games, giveaways, and fun.


Every summer, we recommend creating an experience for your students that gets them serving, loving, and sharing their faith with others. Whether you choose to create this experience locally or in a foreign country, this resource will help you think through every detail and create an experience your students won’t forget.


Each summer, we recommend creating a camp experience for your students that will help them connect with God, each other, and your ministry in ways they’ll never forget. In this summer camp resource, we’ll give you the graphics, schedule, resources, ideas, and instructions to create your very own summer camp experience.