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Children’s Ministry Curriculum & Strategy

In Children’s Ministry, if you’re not looking to grow the size of your team or attendance numbers, you’re probably looking to grow the effectiveness of your volunteer team, grow your level of parent engagement, and (of course) help kids grow spiritually both at church and at home. We can help.

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What’s Included.

Preschool Teaching Videos

Included with Every Lesson

Elementary Teaching Videos

Included with Every Lesson

How to Plan Your Year

Planning Meeting Guide



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The Grow Kids Strategy Guide will walk you through everything included in Grow Kids, and how to use it most effectively in your ministry!

Our Teaching Series.

Real Lives Being Impacted

What Church Leaders Are Saying.

We love small church kids ministry leaders!

Grow is created by, and for, kids ministry leaders of all church sizes and contexts, but we especially love our friends at smaller churches. If you’re serving in a small church, here’s how Grow is built specifically for you.

Easy to prep

Grow’s weekly curriculum is super easy to prepare and uses supplies that are easy to find (and affordable too)! With everything else on your to-do list each week (and limited support to make it all happen), we’ve worked hard to make every week of Grow easy to prep and easy to use.

Easy to customize

Each week of our curriculum is packed with ideas and instructions for activities, videos, images, object lessons, and more. With so many options, you can easily choose the ones that work best for your group, or just use the curriculum as-is! It’s flexible to fit your needs and resources.

For Small Churches.


If you’re a little short on volunteers right now, don’t worry. Grow doesn’t require a huge team of staff or volunteers in order to make it happen. Whether you’re leading a team of volunteers or leading a handful of kids all by yourself, Grow is designed to work for you.

And that’s just the Sunday morning stuff! When you add up the done-for-you events, parent resources, volunteer training, and discipleship tools, Grow is built to save you time, energy, and money. Because everything is done for you ahead of time, Grow will help you maximize your time and empower you to invest in people — instead of in curriculum prep.

We know doing children’s ministry in a small church can be a challenge. That’s why our team is packed with authors, contributors, and editors with small church experience. If there’s anything we can do to serve you better, please let us know!

On-line, In-person or Both.

Grow Curriculum is as easy to use online as it is in-person! We even created an Online Guide to Kids Ministry, that’ll show you how to adapt every aspect of Grow for an online environment: the planning resources, teaching resources, games, discipleship activities, volunteer and family resources, and even the events. In each area of ministry, we’ve given you three options to help you choose how much time and energy you want to invest.

On top of our Online Guide to Kids Ministry, every single series and resource inside of Grow come with “Online Hacks” to help you use Grow online, in-person, or both!


The full year of curriculum and resources is delivered to you upfront so you can use it at your own pace and plan your entire year

Grow Your Kids


1 payment

Grow Your Kids Ministry


1 payment



4 payments of $289


12 Months of Elementary Curriculum (Large Group & Small Group)

12 Months of Preschool Curriculum

Series Artwork + Screen Graphics

12 Memory Verses

Monthly Parent Emails and Take Home Printables

Prep Sheet with Shoppings Lists for Every Lesson

Weekly Coloring Pages

Weekly Preschool & Elementary Teaching Videos

Discipleship Tools

12 Month Discipleship Calendar

Spend Time with God Discipleship Activity

Spend Time with Others Discipleship Activity

Use Your Gifts Discipleship Activity

Share Your Story Discipleship Activity

Annual Discipleship Strategy Guide


Monthly Themes to go with Bible Stories

Decorating Ideas + Room Designs

Spotify Playlists


12 Month Volunteer Calendar

18 Volunteer Meeting Guides

Volunteer Discussion Group Guides

1-On-1 Volunteer Conversation Guides

12 Volunteer Celebration Guides

Volunteer Kickoff Event Guide

Editable Strategic Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Email Templates

Annual Volunteer Strategy Guide

Monthly Volunteer Tip Videos


12 Month Family Calendar

4 Parent Event Guides

Parent Discussion Group Guides

Editable Strategic Family Resources

Parent Email Templates

Annual Families Strategy Guide

Monthly Parent Tip Videos


12 Month Events Calendar

Fall Event

Winter Event

Spring Event

Summer Event

Annual Event Strategy Guide


The full year of curriculum and resources is delivered to you upfront so you can use it at your own pace and plan your entire year

Grow Your Kids

$597 /year

1 Payment

  • Teaching
  • Discipleship Tools
  • Games

Grow Your Kids Ministry

$997 /year

1 Payment

  • Teaching
  • Discipleship Tools
  • Games
  • Volunteers
  • Families
  • Events

4 payments of $289

  • Teaching
  • Discipleship Tools
  • Games
  • Volunteers
  • Families
  • Events


Curriculum for Students.

Grow Students Curriculum

Grow Students.

12 months of middle school and high school curriculum.

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If you purchase 2 or more curriculums from Grow, get 20% off your entire order every single year.

200% Money Back Guarantee.

We’re so sure you’ll love Grow Curriculum and Strategy, we’ll let you try it for 90 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund your entire purchase and let you keep the entire year’s worth of curriculum, resources, and tools.

Frequently asked questions:


Absolutely! That’s kind of our #1 goal, actually. We want Grow Children’s Ministry Curriculum to work for you, no matter your size, your format, or your calendar. To make it super flexible for you, we . . .

  • Give you editable files in Photoshop and Microsoft Word.
  • Leave space for your logo on any resources you’ll give to students, parents, or volunteers.
  • Provide an entire year of content up-front so you have plenty of time to plan ahead, see what’s coming, and switch up our suggested calendar to fit your needs.



Well, for starters, Grow isn’t just a curriculum. It’s actually a strategy for your entire ministry. The large group and small group conversations are just one part of that strategy. With Grow, you’ll get a complete annual TEACHING strategy, but you’ll also get a whole year’s worth of resources for DISCIPLESHIP, PROGRAMMING, EVENTS, VOLUNTEERS, and FAMILIES.

But if you want a little more information on how Grow compares to other resources, check out the samples we’ve provided by clicking here!



We sure think so, and we are working hard to make sure it will! That’s why we’ve assembled an incredibly diverse team of writers and contributors to help us create a resource that is truly flexible enough to work in your context . . . and that actually represents the full Body of Christ. Our team is filled with real church leaders doing real ministry in a variety of contexts. Rural, urban, and suburban churches. Small churches, medium-sized churches, and big churches. They represent a variety of denominations, cultures, and ministry styles. Thanks to their help and feedback (and yours!) we think Grow really is flexible enough to fit in your context.



When you purchase a subscription to Grow Curriculum, you are purchasing 12 months of Teaching and Resources and we recommend using it for the full 12 months no matter when you start. It doesn’t matter what month you start using Grow, it’s meant to be flexible and fit your calendar no matter if you start in the Fall when school starts, January when the new year starts, or any other time of the year. Your purchase date becomes your renewal date, which means every year (if you choose to continue to use Grow) on the date you first purchased Grow, you will be charged for the next volume of Grow, and you will be given access to the next volume of Grow which includes another 12 months of all new content and resources.



Although we release all of the new content for the next volume of Grow Curriculum every year on May 16th, you will get access to the new volume on your renewal date (see FAQ above about renewals). A lot of churches decide to move their renewal date up to May 16th (or sometime earlier than the date they originally purchased) and we can accommodate that for you. When you purchase Grow, we give you a full 12 months of teaching and resources and no matter when you bought that volume, we recommend using it for the full 12 months it provides. But of course if you want access early to the next volume to plan ahead or just have extra teaching and resources to choose from, we can help move your renewal date forward so you can get access early.



We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, authoritative and reliable in its ability to help us grow.
We believe in the Holy Trinity, who works together to make all things new.
We believe in Jesus’ deity, virgin birth, sinless life, death on the cross, resurrection, ascension to heaven, and in his return.
We believe the opportunity to experience forgiveness of sins and eternal life are made available to everyone through Jesus.
We believe the life and ministry of Jesus is the greatest example of love on earth and is to be our pattern as we learn to love God and our neighbours.



As long as you have an active Grow Subscription, you will have access to your online dashboard. If you decide to cancel your Grow subscription at any time, as long as you download all of your resources to your computer or external hard drive, you’ll be able to keep and re-use your resources for life!