The Untouchables Volunteer Email Week 3 - Grow Youth & Kids Ministry Curriculum
We’ve walked through a lot of really great series this year, but there’s just something special about focusing specifically on the life of Jesus, you know?
Here’s a few things coming up in our ministry . . .

ADD THE DATE: Fall Kick-Off
Our Fall Kick-Off is coming up quickly and we need you there! We’ll be hanging out, eating good food, and casting vision for the new school year. Don’t miss it! RSVP by August 1.

WEEK 3 BIG IDEA: Jesus restored the sinful.

If you’ve been following Jesus for some time, you know it’s often easy to become numb to just how controversial Jesus’ message and ministry actually were while He was on earth. Jesus made enemies of both religious leaders and the government in part because of the way He treated the most “untouchable” members of society. In this series, you’ll help students see and explore the significance of the fact that Jesus ate with the despised, valued the outcasts, restored the sinful, and forgave the unforgivable.


It’s hard sometimes for a teenager to believe in a God they can’t see, hear, or touch. People in Jesus’ day had the same problem. That’s why God didn’t just create a new program or a cool sermon series to tell us about Himself. He put on flesh, came to earth, and showed us what He was like – in person! Jesus may not be walking around in the flesh anymore, but you know what? You are. You are the continuation of God’s master plan to tell the world about His love. Remember that. You don’t need any special talents, resources, or education to help a teenager know God better. You just need to show up (like Jesus did) and love them (like God does).
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